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Warwick Public Schools

Richard D'Agostino, Ed.D, Superintendent

Warwick Public Schools
34 Warwick Lake Avenue
Warwick, Rhode Island, 02889

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In the event of School Closings and Early Dismissals go to, or Call: 734-3033

To be notified via text message about school closings, please visit the RIBA website

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The mission of the Warwick Public Schools, working cooperatively with families and the community, is to provide challenging learning environments that enable all students to develop skills and knowledge necessary to become self-directed, life-long learners, highly productive responsible citizens, and contributors to a technological and diverse society.

(Warwick Public Schools Mission Statement, 2001-)

Superintendent, Richard D'Agostino, Ed.D.

Kindergarten Registration Information for 2014-15

Parents/guardians of children who are eligible to enter Kindergarten in September, 2014 should register their children at the nearest elementary school at their earliest convenience. Children are eligible to enter Kindergarten in September, 2014 if they have attained or will have attained five years of age on or before September 1, 2014.

Click here for more information on the registration requirements.

Pre-K and grades 1-12 will need to follow the centralized enrollment procedure outlined below.

New Centralized Enrollment Procedure for Pre-K and Grades 1-12

Centralized enrollment is now being done by appointment only at the Warwick Public Schools Administration building, located at 34 Warwick Lake Avenue, Warwick, RI, 02889. Enrollment times are between the hours of 8:00am and 2:30pm.

Appointments can be made by calling 734-3085

Parent or Guardian must be present at the time of enrollment.

Please click here for more information on the enrollment requirements and access to the forms needed to enroll your student.

The Aspen Family Portal is Now Open!

The Aspen Family Portal is open as of October 1, 2013. Each family will receive instructions for a parent family account either by e-mail or a paper document sent home with each child.

We encourage all families to login with their parent account. Verify your child's and family data. Please notify the school using the e-mail address on the instructions with any updates. Please provide a family or parent e-mail address to the school if you have not done so in the past.


Background Checks Now Required for School Volunteers

The governor has signed legislation last week to require any individuals who are current or prospective volunteers of a school department and who may have direct or unmonitored contact with children or students on school premises to undergo a state criminal background check.

If you are planning on volunteering at your school for the 2013-14 school year, please obtain your BCI check soon!  This includes volunteering for PTA program/events, volunteering in your child's classroom, and chaperoning for field trips.  Please note that you will not be able to volunteer in any capacity in any school if a state criminal background check is not completed.

There are a couple of options available to obtain a state criminal background check (BCI):

From the Desk of the Superintendent

February, 2014

With the onset of spring good news to our district. Beginning with a most positive report on our recent NECAP state assessment, significant gains have been made in all areas: reading, math, and writing at the secondary level and especially significant at all three high schools. Elementary NECAP scores continue to grow with Holden School being the leader with all content area scores in the 80 percentiles and Robertson School with a writing percentile score of 90. As for seniors whose NECAP scores were below partially proficient the number of students has been reduced from 257 to less than 100. We are certainly proud of our students, teachers, and administrators who have worked very hard to increase the entire district’s success on these assessments.

New to the district is an early warning system for ninth graders in our high schools. This warning system will review data, such as grades, STAR results, attendance and conduct and assessment history to identify any problematic areas. Once identified, outcome goals will be created along with a plan that consists of evidenced based interventions that will directly target the students identified needs.

Curriculum revisions and staff develop continue to be ongoing. English language arts primary project continues to be revision of the k-12 curriculum which involves aligning the district’s instructional framework to the ELA Common Core State Standards. Mathematics is currently in the third year of Common Core implementation. The district has purchased the Pearson Envisions textbook series for grades k-5. These resources will provide teachers with extra guidance as they manoeuvre through the Common Core. The STAR assessment program is being used to screen and progress monitor all students in math and ELA, as well. Preliminary results have been extremely positive indicating that the evidence based interventions are working and that students are making significant gains. In science, we are entering the early stages of shifting into the Next Generation Science Standards. In the months that follow, teachers will be provided with professional development to learn about frameworks and instructional shifts that will come. At all three levels of education teachers will be looking at labs and activities that will stress the use of 21st century skills, such as the Jason Project at the middle level and Physics AP at the high schools.

As mentioned previously, the NECAP results are in. The results of this assessment will be sent home very shortly. There will also be information attached to the assessment for your review. Please take a moment to review this information and discuss it with your son/daughter as it may pertain to graduation requirements.

Finally, the PARCC is here. Starting in March and concluding in April Warwick students will be taking part in a pilot administration of the new multi-state assessment PARCC. Not all grades will be participating in every school. Some students will be taking the assessment on-line while others will be on paper and pencil. By participating in this pilot it will give our district the opportunity to examine our strengths, weaknesses and overall computer preparedness to engage and utilize 21st century technology.

Signed: Richard D'Agostino, Ed.D
Richard D'Agostino

In the event of School Closings and Early Dismissals go to, or Call: 734-3033

To be notified via text message about school closings, please visit the RIBA website

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